Medium Pack

Price -
Rs. 12.00

  • Size - 75 x 100 mm.

  • Thickness of pad is 08 mm.

  • Made up of 100% Nylon 6-6.

  • Due to Alox partical cleaning property increases.

  • Latest absorbent technology & unique stain-removing formula.

  • Best cleaning action not prone to wear and tear having long lasting usage.

  • Regain its size after use.

  • Does not smell.

  • Better in griping, smooth edge so gentle on hands.

  • Does not require too much pressure while scrubbing.

  • Less detergent required.

  • Spotless cleaning and improve glazeness into the utensils.

  • It is very useful in nuclear family.

  • Used for cleaning glass, crockery, bucket, cooking range without scratches.

  • Widely applied to homes, hotels and restaurants for cleaning the dishes and cooking utensils.

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